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Student Success Stories


Looking for an alternative way to earn his diploma, Robert enrolled in Career Prep.

Robert’s supportive teachers and instructors helped him through challenges and obstacles in school and in life. The ability to work at your own pace and the in-depth level of support that the teachers invest in figuring out how you learn best has helped him earn his diploma at Career Prep.

Upon entering the United States Army, Robert has learned that hard work pays off during his time at Career Prep. 


Denielle says her favorite thing about Career Prep is that there is no excuse. Career Prep works with you and gives students the support they need so that that you don’t have any excuse for not getting your work done. Denielle came to Career Prep just hoping to earn a diploma but what she found is that Career Prep has prepared her to be an adult.

Career Prep helped Denielle build a profile and resume to get a job. Denielle says that at Career Prep she has been able to get her diploma, her way, on her time. After graduation, Denielle plans to go to college to get a Master’s degree in Biochemistry. 


“All Career Prep teachers are willing to be there for you, be your sidekick and be there when you need them.”

Brittany came to Career Prep looking to jumpstart her future and earn her high school diploma. Prior to coming to Career Prep, she was on the path to earning a GED but the people in her life influenced her to do more.

Career Prep organized structure made it easy for Brittany to get her work done and stay on track. Brittany said that the teachers at Career Prep want to help students and to see them succeed. The advice she would give to people looking to finish their high school diploma is to come to Career Prep – she says that the teacher support is unmatched when you are looking to start your future. There was even a point where Brittany was ready to give up on her high school diploma, but the supportive and caring staff and faculty members helped her find the motivation to keep going and earn her diploma.

Brittany learned not to give up at Career Prep because working hard pays off. She said, “Life Skills taught me that you are in control of your life and Career Prep gives you the recourses to succeed in the future.

After graduation, Brittany plans to go to the fire academy and says that Career Prep has helped give her the confidence and ownership skills she needs to excel there.