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Why Choose Career Prep?

Career Prep is designed every kind of learner. No matter what academic or career path you want, Career Prep has the flexible schedule and supports to meet your needs and achieve success.

Every Career Prep student can earn industry-recognized credentials or certificates in a variety of career fields and industries that will help you secure high-quality and good paying jobs within fields employers are actually hiring, while also completing the requirements for a high school diploma. No matter your goals, we will make it our top priority to prepare you for success.

Why is Career Prep for you? The answers are endless. Find out today what Career Prep will do for you and how we will help set you on a path toward achieving your academic and career goals.

Personalized Education

You will receive a personalized academic and career plan that is customized to fit your specific interests and goals. Career Prep teachers, staff and partners are dedicated to helping you succeed and will serve as mentors throughout your journey toward earning in-demand industry credentials or certificates, while completing your high school requirements.

Flexible Scheduling

At Career Prep, we understand that you have other responsibilities and a traditional school day isn’t always feasible. That’s why, at Career Prep, you have some flexibility.

At Career Prep, you will have the flexible schedule to meet your other responsibilities and gain skills and knowledge that will allow you to earn credential or certificate which will set you up to be competitive in the job market and career path that interests you, all while earning your high school diploma.

Beyond the Classroom Benefits

To help you stay on track toward achieving your academic and career goals, we offer childcare assistance, transportation, help with setting up WIC benefits, counseling, career guidance and other supports tailored to meet your needs. We want to reduce obstacles. We want you to be successful.

Flexible Education

Unlike traditional schooling, Career Prep personalizes instruction and learning experiences to fit your needs, which is why we have multiple academic and career paths resulting in industry-recognized credentials or certificates you can use to gain high-quality jobs with advancement opportunities.

In addition to a credential or certificate related to a specific career field, you will have access to coursework and programs that will earn you college credit while earning a high school diploma and getting a jumpstart on your future education or training.

Life After Career Prep

We will help you create a plan for life after Career Prep while you work to complete your program. We help you prepare for careers or additional education/training after Career Prep that may include onsite career preparation and certification, work readiness preparation, as well and the opportunity to attend programs offsite at local community colleges or similar programs. You will leave Career Prep with an ePortfolio filled with the essential documents for the next stage in your journey, including at least one (1) industry-recognized credential or certificate that you can use to secure a high-wage and quality job.

Our goal at Career Prep is to do everything we can to help you earn a credential or certificate, while completing requirements for a high school diploma and set you on a path toward success after Career Prep. Find out how you can get start earning a credential or certificate, while achieving your academic and career goals. Call 888-995-7143 today for more information.